A classic filmmaker and film photographer by trade and storyteller by instinct, my unmistakable approach delivers visuals that reside in a class all alone. My sincere disposition reflects into my work and drives my pursuit for honest, emotionally-filled cinema. By translating your story while also infusing my own dynamic, melodious style I create intimate pieces of art personalized for you and your loved one. With impeccable use of natural light, various shots of both tender and lively moments, and my journalistic ability to document all that’s around me, my work will give you a new-found appreciation for the overlooked beauties of life and nature.

By blending new technologies such as 4K cinema and drone work seamlessly with timeless Kodak Super 8mm, I find that I am able to create an honest documentary that holds a nostalgic feel to it.  In post I spend hours searching for the perfect composition that will score your film.  This isn’t a highlight, and it’s absolutely not a music video.  My goal is to create a timeless film that you find yourself watching over and over again.  Whether that be at home in bed, or out and about and watching it on your phone to lift your spirits in the day. The story of romance is the grandest of them all, and I approach my direction with the upmost respect and dedication.  If you’re into records, old movies, film photographs, spontaneous adventures, desert sunsets, and classic cars then we will probably get along splendidly.  If you’re simply looking for an affordable option to fill a need then I am not for you.  I am intentional in my work and I hope to find clients who are just as intentional in their search and collaborative nature.

Joyfully, my work has been published by US Weekly, Free People, The Dress Theory, Good Morning America, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Junebug Weddings, White Magazine, and California Wedding Day.

When I’m not traveling or filming you can find me relaxing with my wife to a record, a cup of coffee in hand, and reading a good book. Currently I’m listening to “Prisoner” by Ryan Adams and reading “Winston Churchill” by John Keegan.