Do you shoot on Super 8mm film?

Yes! My primary specialty that elevates my craft is my pursuit and utilization of Kodak Super 8mm film. I first used it to film my wedding almost five years ago, and I fell in love with it as a tool to tell a good story. I am well versed in its format and use Kodak film stock on every wedding. Ask me about my Super 8mm only collection!

Do you do drone cinematography?

Yes, I do, but only if the venue, location, and weather permitting. Some sites these days do not allow drone aviation on its premises, while some do. The primary use of a drone for me is to capture the surrounding content to use in showcasing your wedding location. This holds for all destination wedding films. I will never use a drone to capture ceremony or other intimate moments as I never want my work to be a distraction to your guests and yourselves.

How is your work flow collaborating with photographers?

Because I am also a wedding photographer, I come from a place of reverence and understanding for other photographers. I know their scheduling needs, and moments they hope to capture on your wedding day. My goal is to partner alongside them, aiding them in their goals while doing my best to direct without overtaking. Because at the end of the day we are all on the same team. Our universal goal is to advocate for you and tell your story well.

How long does it take to receive our film?

It takes between two to four months. I know that these days a lot of photographers work very hard to get images out within six weeks. But remember that we are working with film that will have to be developed, hours of visual content that is pieced into an intentional story, audio to be mixed and mastered, and the perfect music composition chosen to compliment your story. It is an artful process and one that I don't like to rush.

How many images will we receive?

It all depends on the collection that you book. But I do not like to state a max amount, but rather a minimum. For example, my starting refined collection states you'll receive a minimum of 550 finalized images. That is the minimum, as I will edit every picture that I feel tells your story best.

How do we receive our photos?

You will receive a digital gallery where you can download high-resolution images, design your very own fine art album, and share with your family and friends. By sending you a digital gallery vs. a flash drive, I don't have to charge you sales tax in California, which saves you money on your overall wedding.

Are engagement shoots included?

Yes! Every one of my refined collections includes an engagement session. That is where we get to connect as friends, collaborate on what moments work on camera, and build a strong foundation for your wedding. I want to be your friend and advocate on your wedding day, not a stranger with a camera.

Do you have liability insurance?

Absolutely. I have worked at some fantastic, high-end venues, and they all require extensive liability insurance coverages. To this day, there is not a venue that has not allowed me to create in either photography or cinematography due to a lack of liability coverage. So rest at ease!

How do you manage both photography & cinematography?

After 12 years of freelancing professionally in both photography and cinematography genres, I have worked very hard to educate myself and build an active working template for both formats. By bringing along two of my most trusted creative assistants, I can organize and direct the day to be relaxed, creative, and comfortable for you both. It's our collaborative vision working towards achieving one, coherent look for your wedding story.

How many cameras do you utilize?

At any given moment four cameras. High-end digital photography, 4k cinematography, Kodak Super 8mm film, and 4k drone cinematography. You'll see me trading cameras of both genres with my creative assistants multiple times throughout your wedding day.

How do we book?

All that is needed to protect your wedding date is a 50% deposit and a signed wedding proposal. This is all done digitally online through an elegant portal that allows us to communicate and plan your wedding visuals.

What's the benefit of hiring one artist for our photos & film?

The Collective collections are designed to allow you to receive an intentional telling of your love story at an affordable rate. You should always be willing to pay equal parts to your photographer and cinematographer if you want your $30,000 wedding to be translated appropriately. But most people spend a large portion of their budget to their photographer and let experienced cinematography be an afterthought. The hope is to change that and allow couples the chance to receive both great photos and a film in a comprehensive experience.

Do you travel?

Yes, traveling is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. To experience new locations, cultures, and stories and capture them through my lens. Such great moments occur on the road.

What is your travel rate?

I offer a flat fee travel rate. Domestic is $1300, and international is $2300. These fares are designed to get an assistant and myself to your wedding at a standard cost. This covers airfare, a minimum two-night stay near your wedding venue, and a rental car. This is not a vacation for us, nor an opportunity to experience your wedding as one of your guests. I want to collaborate with you without exploiting your budget.

Where are you based?

I currently reside in Orange County, CA, with my wife, and one-year-old daughter. My local territory includes Orange County, Palm Springs, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Any travel outside of those areas would consist of a local travel rate customized for within California. Anything outside of California would be subject to my domestic travel rate.

Where have you traveled to?

In my twelve years of freelancing, I have been blessed to work with clients in many parts of the world. Through my humanitarian projects, I have worked in East Africa and Central America, while weddings and journalism have allowed me to see Denmark, Italy, Australia, Hawaii, and a lot within the states. I have my travel workflow down, and I always enjoy the opportunity to experience something new.