When I began planning our wedding, I knew that the only tangible portion of that day would be the pictures and videos. I decided right then and there that THE most important decision we could make was deciding who our photographer/videographer would be. I searched high and low for someone who was creative, yet knew how to tell a love story – our love story. Upon speaking to Andrew for the first time, I knew he was our guy. Not only is he genuine and very easy to get along with, but he listens to what your needs and wants are, rather than being wrapped up in selling himself. He understood our vibe and vision from the get-go, and the rest is history.

      I can’t tell you how easy communication and planning with him was. I also can’t stress how comfortable we felt with him all day long. My husband is timid and he said one of his favorite parts of our wedding day was shooting pictures with Andrew because of how easy and effortless it was. He knew how to calm a nervous couple down and made us feel so comfortable. All this in addition to the spectacular work he creates. I am still in awe of the emotion and beauty of our wedding photos and video. Every time I re-watch our video, I find myself tearing up. His editing displays an effortless switch between an HD camera and a super 8 mm – and the effect is just so amazing! Every single person who watched our video shared the same sentiment – that it was the best wedding video they had ever seen. If you want someone who is going to capture your love and your story in a compelling manner (and the romance, the cool photography skills, the grainy vintage 8 mm vibes!)

      I highly suggest working with Andrew. I can wholeheartedly recommend him for both photography and videography needs. I am most certainly glad I chose Andrew to carry out the most critical decision of that day for us.

      Tulum, MX.



      I can't tell you in words what our video means to us. In fact, I can't tell you what everything Andrew did and created and the time he took putting this all together means to us. Andrew is so fantastic at what he does, and I am literally unbelievably thankful I found him. However, I came across him; I thank god that I did. I can't thank Andrew enough for what he did for us, and I can't thank him enough for this beautiful, beautiful video he left us with. Watching it in high definition on a computer was weirdly even more emotional, I cried harder because it felt so real. That is probably the closest I will get to placing myself back there in time and genuinely feeling all the emotions and just the entire set of the day. Andrew somehow managed to put that into a video and make me feel like I was back there spiritually, to say that, and sincerely mean that is unreal.

      I knew what I wanted in a videographer after I found Andrew but what I didn't realize I was going to get is a video like this. I could watch all his videos a million times because they are amazing, but I wish everyone who watched them got to experience what it was like to be watching their own video because it's like nothing else. We're blown away and ultimately grateful for Andrew.

      Asheville, NC.


      IZZY & TONY

      Andrew was simply incredible in helping craft the story of our wedding in a way that truly captured the magic and emotion of the day. He created the perfect blend of a moody cinematic piece with a narrative that told our love story.

      He was great onsite during the day of the wedding – helping to keep us calm while simultaneously providing warm direction and feedback that ensured we caught all the most cherished moments of our journey.

      I would recommend his creative services to anyone.

      Santa Ynez, CA.



      My experience with Andrew as our cinematographer by far exceeded all expectations. From the first Skype meeting I had with him, I fell in love with his vision of creating love stories with a raw and cinematic feel.  We wanted something more unique than the typical wedding film, something that truly told our story as a couple on our magical day, and something that we were proud to share, and have friends and family watch over and over again.  Andrew did just that. Aside from being blown away with our film in hand, I have to compliment Andrew and his team on their etiquette throughout our special day.  They were able to capture so many moments with out appearing to be there unless requested.  Andrew has a genuine calmness to him that helped me in a way he may not know on what some would call "hectic" moments for a bride on her wedding day. Andrew James Abajian is one talented cinematographer, and we could not have been more happy with the decision to have him create a moving piece of art that we will cherish forever.

      Santa Barbara, CA.


      DANA & KURT

      I found Andrew James Abajian through Instagram one day, and I was immediately in awe of the creativity and depth that came through in his visuals. I had been searching for a wedding photographer for weeks, and right away I knew I had found someone very special! Andrew’s passion for creating beautiful art through love stories captured me. So needless to say, Andrew was hired soon after for our destination wedding to Maui, Hawaii!

      Leading up to the wedding, Andrew was wonderful. I live in Canada and Andrew in California, so communication was always through email and Skype- and that was easy. He had gained my trust, and I knew we could count on him for our wedding photos. The wedding day was magical. My husband and I were so comfortable taking photos with Andrew. He was quick to get a shot and move on to the next. Andrew is a true artist and a true professional. He takes pride in his work, and I would recommend him to anyone!

      Maui, HI.