About Me
The Backstory

When I graduated from University in 2007 with my B.A. in Cinema Arts, I had grand ideas of how I was going to translate the world through my lens. Telling stories that would captivate others and provide a new perspective on the world around us. Only, my first opportunities fresh out of school were all in photography. Joyfully, I journeyed forward and was blessed enough to begin my career in editorial photojournalism even though cinematography was my main goal. I’ve told stories of forgiveness following the genocide in Rwanda, stories of hope through clean water initiatives in Guatemala. From Europe to Australia, South America to at home in California, I was invited to connect with people and tell real, honest, authentic stories.

This is the foundation that I’ve learned through experience and has applied to all genres of storytelling, weddings included. Since transitioning into weddings in 2013, I personally have fallen in love with directing an honest, emotionally driven documentary utilizing Kodak 8mm film that follows two people’s whole journey from dating to marriage. It has become the highest honor of my life every time I am invited into this familiar story.¬†The Today Show has featured my directorial work, as well as People Magazine, ESPN, Martha Stewart, Harper Bazaar, and E! News. Everyone’s story is worthy, and that is what I hope to convey as a director.

My Approach

As a documentary film director whose roots are in photojournalism, I believe with everything in me in the power of honest filmmaking. The ability to tell a story well in all it’s raw, beautiful, imperfections. At its very core, it truly is a powerful love language. It is here that we are blessed with an opportunity to take a deep breath, reflect, and be thankful for where we have ended up in life. This is why I love utilizing Kodak 8mm film because it can’t be manipulated, polished, faked, or re-directed. It’s a mirror reflecting all of our wonderful idiosyncrasy’s. It allows us to collaborate and celebrate without reservation.

And that’s how I like to position myself as your director. Chasing natural light, spontaneous laughs, somber moments, big celebrations, and quiet glances because that’s what your wedding day houses. A multitude of feelings wrapped exceptionally well in elegance. So if you like the idea of letting go and collaborating on something real, reach out and let’s start a conversation.

Let's create something timeless